one hundred feet

One Hundred Feet (2011 -2013)

One Hundred Feet was a multimedia collaboration between performer/choreographer Yolande Snaith, video artist Natalia Valerdi, sound designer Nick Drashner and lighting designer Wen-Ling Liao. 


‘50 pairs of shoes in a Snow-White space evoke the mysterious presence of 50 seminal women who left their distinctive footprints. Dancing and talking to herself, the mundane, the divine, the real, the imagined and the impossible, Snaith negotiates past, present and future existences. “I used to be Snow White,” she says. “I am incapable of conceiving infinity,” she thinks. “Forever is composed of nows,” she feels. She dwells in possibility. This solo work navigates a path through the resonances of past idols and extraordinary minds, from Joan of Arc to Gertrude Stein to Marilyn Monroe to Pina Bausch. One Hundred Feet is both wild invention and profound dedication’.

One Hundred Feet premiered at Space 4 Art in October 2012, and was originally created for the intimate nature of the art gallery space. This production was developed further for a more conventional theatre context.


© yolande snaith 2013