iMan (2009) is a multi-media dance theatre collaboration, integrating projection and visual design, sound, choreography and performance into a humorous and richly layered exploration of human movement and how this resonates with the animal world. Social activities and behavioral patterns evolve into peculiar rituals and dances that are strangely observed by the eyes of all-knowing animals in another realm of being. Saturated with ominous sounds and images, the work is informed by Yolande’s experiences in Africa with animals in their natural habitat.

Concept and Direction: Yolande Snaith
Choreography: Yolande Snaith in collaboration with the dancers
Lighting Projection Designer: Thomas Ontiveros
Set design: Colin McGurK
Costume Design: Yolande Snaith
Composer: Stephen Kent
Dancers: Eric Geiger, Greg Lane, Deven P Brawley, Tonnie Sammartano, Elizabeth Swallow, Alison D Smith, Rebecca Bruno, Alicia Peterson, Raffaella Judd, John Diaz.
Stage Manager: Anjee Nero.

iMan premiered at SUSHI Visual and Performing Arts, San Diego, as a double bill with GARDEN OF DEADLY SOUND, April 2009.


"This is the show we've been waiting for since Snaith, a leading artist in her native Britain, moved to San Diego in 2002.......iMan, inspired by Snaith's observations of animals in Africa, creates marvelous species, part human and part creature."Janice Steinberg, San Diego Union Tribune

"iMan is a well-designed piece with a delicious cast that merges Snaith's real observations of animals in Africa with human behavior. Dressed in various animal prints and clunky high heels and boots, ten dancers appear as lazy socialites on safari with odd expressions right out of Fredorico's films. There's an air of snobbery as they size each other up and clomp about in their ridiculous shoes. The fascination of the piece is the way dancers embrace the locomotion of big cats, giraffes and other grand animals." Kris Eitland,

"Snaith offers the pleasures of deeply explored ideas and a rich movement lexicon" Janice Steinberg, San Diego Union Tribune

"This full evening program is also edgy and layered, and she's assembled some of San Diego's favorite dancers" Kris Eitland

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