hanging in the balance

Hanging in the Balance

Conceived and Directed by: Yolande Snaith
Choreography by: Yolande Snaith in collaboration with the dancers
Performed by: Christina Kelley, Kristopher Ross, Devon Brawley, Veronica Martin, Justin Viernes, David Wornovitzky, Keeley Campbell , Sadie Weinberg.
Set and Costume Design: Yolande Snaith
Lighting Design by: Rob Norberg
Music: Handel, Montiverdi, Jocelyn Pook

Hanging in the Balance was originally created as a site specific work, and later expanded and developed for the stage. The piece was inspired by the specific architecture and design of the semi-enclosed lounge of Bar Basic, a down town San Diego converted warehouse,responding to and playing upon the associations that resonated within it; the suspended lighting installation, the chain mail curtains and concrete surfaces provided a stark, linear environment of sharp edges and hanging probe-like forms within which the choreography evolved, counter-pointing and echoing these features. The stage version was reworked around a single, hanging, pendulous lamp, and introduced bold shifts and contrasts of lighting and color. Set to a score of diverse musical sources from Baroque harpsichord to tribal didgeridoo, the inherent darkness and light were explored within this space, both literally and metaphorically, exposing a dance that was both highly contemporary and deeply human.


"The movement is a marvel of contrasts, a single gesture mixing delicacy and sharper edges.In a deliciously mischievous section, Snaith messes with Handel’s Sarabande in D Minor. At first, the seven dancers match the timing and mood of the stately music .  gradually, goofy gestures – a torso wave, a flipped ponytail – sneak into the piece, and soon everyone’s grooving.” Janice Steinberg, San Diego Union Tribune

Hanging in the Balance was presented by SUSHI Visual and Performing Arts, San Diego at Bar Basic, and as part of teh Blurred Borderd Festival, San Diego 2008.

© yolande snaith 2013