ghost garden

Ghost Garden was an adaptation of an earler work by Yolande Snaith, Jardin Blanc, created and toured in the UK in 2004.

Set in a futuristic garden of white, translucent and luminous forms, Jardin Blanc intertwines a surreal language of dance, human behavior, text, music and song. The dramatic majestic, luminous columns and evocative shapes of interlocking fibers and light suggest both plant-like forms and architectural structures, allowing the definitions of interior and exterior to be intriguingly ambiguous. This theatrical landscape shifts magically between a stark, skeletal, haunting space, like a snow-covered garden at night, to a vibrant field of color and fluttering movement. The dancing evokes at times a strange and melancholy mood, only to evolve into passionate sweeps of dancing, where sculptured costumes are animated fluently through the landscape, exuding a metamorphic quality. The performers move hypnotically though the suggestions of changing seasons and weathers, articulating intricate patterns and pathways through their bizarre habitation.

“What is a garden? A place /a space / a vision / a dream / a wish / an idea / a longing / a secret / a sanctuary / a journey / an exploration / an excavation / a memory/ a dedication / a fear / a fantasy /a love / a loss / a home / a resting place? Are there perhaps as many gardens as there are living beings?”


“Cinematic choreography. All theatrical elements contributing to a fully realized creation. A stage continually filled with stimulating activity…….Ghost Garden in dance theater of the highest order”
David Lemberg

© yolande snaith 2013