garden of forbidden loves

Garden of Forbidden Loves 2007

Conceived and Directed by: Yolande Snaith
Choreography: Yolande Snaith in collaboration with the dancers
Performed by: Yolande Snaith, Elizabeth Swallow, Tonnie Sammartano, Eric Geiger
Costume design by: Yolande Snaith
Set design by: Steven Kemp and Yolande Snaith
Lighting design by: Sooyeon Hong / Thomas Ontiveros
Music: John Dowland lute songs sung by Alfred Dellar
Stage manager: Anjee Nero

20061025 KG0I1474

Garden Of Forbidden Loves evokes a secret meeting place for a quartet of mismatched, solitary characters, each with their own stories, joys and sorrows. Inspired by the surrealist photographic montages of artist Maggie Taylor, the landscape is minimally punctuated by a few isolated, misplaced objects of distorted scale and symbolic resonance; a caged egg, a miniature ladder, a tiny house and garden on wheels, a tree –throne. This strangely poetic quartet is set to the hauntingly beautiful voice of Alfred Dellar, singing John Dowland lute songs. A language of sharp, rhythmical, asymmetrical gestures poignantly counterpoints the soft harmonies of the music, and at times gives way to passionately intermingling dances that flow and tumble through the space.

An attempt to acknowledge and put into image, action, and poetry, that pitifully tragic part of myself that identifies with the whimsical and melodramatic.It is a garden of obscure desires and denials – almost feasting on them with our movement and characters – and somehow being able to both laugh and cry at ourselves as we are carried along by Alfred Della’s bittersweet voice.


“Snaith did several solos in this piece, and it’s a revelation to see her Knife-edge shifts from measured walk to violent chopping arms, her Intensity and punch.”
                               Janice Steinberg, San Diego Union Tribune

“The very beautifully composed images, the perceivable drifts between earth and sky, reality and imagination, the numerous little surprises . . . the scenes beautifully provide different attractions and relationships of subordination and domination.”
                                      Reka Hegyi, HAMLET, Cluj, Romania

Garden Of Forbidden Loves was funded by a UC San Diego research grant, and was performed in San Diego 2006, and toured to the Hungarian State Theater Festival of Cluj, Romania 2007.

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