garden of deadly sound

Garden of Deadly Sound 2007 - 2009


IMAGO MOVES from Yolande Snaith on Vimeo.

Conceived and Directed by: Yolande Snaith
Performed by: Yolande Snaith and Elizabeth Swallow
Choreographed by: Yolande Snaith in collaboration with Elizabeth Swallow
Music by: David Coulter and Jean-Jacques Palix, Joan Baez, with additional sound mixing by Nicholas Drashner, (includng and a short excerpt from ‘The Sound Of Music’ sound track)
Set and Costume designer: Yolande Snaith
Text: Yolande Snaith and Elizabeth Swallow
Lighting Projection Designer: Thomas Ontiveros
Stage Manager: Anjee Nero

The beginnings of this piece are rooted in my feelings and responses to the daily onslaught of tragic and disturbing news about war and terror, and also, as the mother of a small child, my concern for how to explain these events to our children. In a surrealist play on the characters of Maria (The Sound Of Music) and Mary Poppins, Garden of Deadly Sound explores the archetypal guardian or ‘Nanny’, the embodiment of feminine principles that save the neglected children of our world from the horrors and regimes of the patriarchs. In a confined space saturated with ominous sounds and images, two characters journey through a darkly humorous series of situations, rituals and dances, that challenge their ability to live up to their reputations as the saviors of the children. Whatever happened to Maria? Whatever happened to the sweet sound of music in the hills? Whatever happened to the magic in the bag?


“Characters inspired by movies and with a musical score appropriate for the delivery of the poetic message captured by the discretely expressionistic scenes"
                                            Adrian Tion,TRIBUNA, Cluj, Romania

“The first images, here too, capture the audience through waves of nostalgia, (through concrete allusions to Mary Poppins, the wonder babysitter with umbrella and the governess with apron in the movie, The Sound of Music), only to harrow our feelings even more with images of nuns with bayonets, with cacophony of war, with red ribbons . . . “
                                            Reka Hegyi, HAMLET, Cluj, Romania

“I’d like only to emphasize that such a spectacle has to be seen, and those who haven’t should regret it. We definitely don’t meet a Yolande Snaith on a daily basis.”
Demostene Sofron, FACLIA, Ziar independent de Cluj, Romania    

Garden of Deadly Sound was commissioned by the Hungarian State Theatre Of CLuj's 'INTERFERENCES' international theatre festival, and premiered in December 2007, Cluj, Romania, and presented by SUSHI Visual and Performing Arts, San Diego 2009

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