"This is the show we've been waiting for since Snaith, a leading artist in her native Britain, moved to San Diego in 2002.......iMan, inspired by Snaith's observations of animals in Africa, creates marvelous species, part human and part creature."Janice Steinberg, San Diego Union Tribune

"iMan is a well-designed piece with a delicious cast that merges Snaith's real observations of animals in Africa with human behavior. Dressed in various animal prints and clunky high heels and boots, ten dancers appear as lazy socialites on safari with odd expressions right out of Fredorico's films. There's an air of snobbery as they size each other up and clomp about in their ridiculous shoes. The fascination of the piece is the way dancers embrace the locomotion of big cats, giraffes and other grand animals."   Kris Eitland,

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"Snaith offers the pleasures of deeply explored ideas and a rich movement lexicon" Janice Steinberg, San Diego Union Tribune

"This full evening program is also edgy and layered, and she's assembled some of San Diego's favorite dancers"   Kris Eitland

"She’s choreographed for film and creates dances like a filmmaker or painter. “Hanging in the Balance” was pure Snaith in that it grew in intensity and played visual tricks with lighting and sharp contrasts. . .Dressed in variations of black and red, the dancers moved as shamansperforming an ancient ritual …arcing bodies mimicked the swinging lamp...the action grew with giant swooping arms and gestures of fluid hands and fingers."     Kris Eitland,

"The movement is a marvel of contrasts, a single gesture mixing delicacy and sharper edges.In a deliciously mischievous section, Snaith messes with Handel’s Sarabande in D Minor. At first, the seven dancers match the timing and mood of the stately music .  gradually, goofy gestures – a torso wave, a flipped ponytail – sneak into the piece, and soon everyone’s grooving.”Janice Steinberg, San Diego Union Tribune

“Startling, suspenseful, eerie and ritualistic. You won’t want to miss a moment” Valerie Scher, San Diego Union Tribune

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“ A woman curls up as if dreaming . . . the dreamer might be the audience entering Snaith’s visually rich sensibility.”Janice Steinberg Diego Union Tribune

“Cinematic choreography.All theatrical elements contributing to a fully realized creation. A stage continually filled with stimulating activity, not necessarily spread across the stage but occurring at discrete corners and places of visual power. Ghost Garden is dance theatre of the highest order.”  David Lemburg,

“the rising suspense in “Ten Green Bottles Standing on the Bar” makes you sweat more then a Hitchcock thriller  . . . defines the power of site-specific dance and it’s the highlight of this years tour. Kris Eitland,

“Characters inspired by movies and with a musical score appropriate for the delivery of the poetic message captured by the discretely expressionistic scenes" Adrian Tion,TRIBUNA, Cluj, Romania

“The first images, here too, capture the audience through waves of nostalgia, (through concrete allusions to Mary Poppins, the wonder babysitter with umbrella and the governess with apron in the movie, The Sound of Music), only to harrow our feelings even more with images of nuns with bayonets, with cacophony of war, with red ribbons . . . “
 Reka Hegyi, HAMLET, Cluj, Romania

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“I’d like only to emphasize that such a spectacle has to be seen, and those who haven’t should regret it. We definitely don’t meet a Yolande Snaith on a daily basis." Demostene Sofron, FACLIA, Ziar independent de Cluj, Romania

“Snaith did several solos in this piece, and it’s a revelation to see her Knife-edge shifts from measured walk to violent chopping arms, her Intensity and punch.” Janice Steinberg, San Diego Union Tribune

“The very beautifully composed images, the perceivable drifts between earth and sky, reality and imagination, the numerous little surprises . . . the scenes beautifully provide different attractions and relationships of subordination and domination.” Reka Hegyi, HAMLET, Cluj, Romania

“Gorgeous ensemble passages offered a propulsive energy" Jennifer de Poyen, San Diego Union Tribune 2005

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