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The Mapping Games ( part 2 ): soma / lux


Part two of a series of works titled The mapping Games, SOMA/LUX poetically navigates embodied and imagined journeys of sensory exploration, within a visceral, visual and sonic field of fluctuating states. This collaboration featured San Diego dancers Anne Gehman, Gina Bolles Sorensen, Kyle Sorensen, Angel Acuña, Andromeda Bradley, and Kris Apple, production designer Victoria Petrovich, lighting designer Omar Ramos, with music by Kris Apple with Andromeda Bradley. Presented at WHITE BOX LIVE ARTS, San Diego, October 2015.

strings attached - 2015

'Strings Attached’ was a collaborative program of work presented at the Encinitas Library in May 2015.

Under the artistic direction of choreographer Yolande Snaith, IMAGOmoves performed an evening of innovative contemporary dance exploring two contrasting approaches to collaborating with a live violinist: Pierre Joubert plays baroque violin for Re-arrangements,  and for Through Line Kris Apple created contemporary sonic worlds, layering multiple sound elements whilst playing live in response to the performers.The company dancers included Heather Glabe, Erica Buechner, Jennifer Oliver, Kyle Sorensen and Gina Bolles Sorensen.

Through Line was also presented by Sound Dance Company in June 2015, at the Spreckels Theater’s  RAW space in down town San Diego.

Through Line playfully navigates the metaphorical territory arising from multiple functions and applications of the word line in our every day lives: through line / story line / pipe line / online / double yellow line / punch line / plum line / head line / desire line / bottom line / ancestral line / property line / telephone line / line of duty / toe the line / life line / guide line / reading between the lines /dotted line / learn your lines / narrative line / fracture line / smile lines / parallel lines / line of fire / dividing line / tide line …….

Photos by Tim Richards and Jim carmody


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