One dictionary definition of IMAGO reads: 'final and perfect stage of insect after all metamorphosis.

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Under the artistic direction of choreographer Yolande Snaith, IMAGOmoves assembles groups of artists and dancers based in San Diego, to create performance works on a project to project basis. 

Since its inception in 2005, IMAGOmoves has presented a range of work created for a variety of performance spaces, from San Diego’s urban down town SUSHI Visual and Performing Arts, Bar Basic, the Spreckles Theatre’s RAW space and Blurred Borders Festival, to art galleries including Space4art and more conventional dance contexts including the UCSD Department of Theatre & Dance’s Dance Series. The company has also performed in Los Angeles, Tijuana, and toured to Romania in 2007 with Garden Trilogy. 


IMAGOmoves is committed to creating collaborative performance works that cross disciplines, media and boundaries, to foster synthesis between the artistic languages of movement, visual imagery, text, music and sound. As the name suggests, the work embraces the process of metamorphoses, from the initial germ of an idea to the emergence of the developed work in the presence of an audience. The company’s creative process and performance vocabularies are informed by contemporary dance and theatre practices, often merging compositional scores with set choreography, crafting disparate elements into a seamless whole. The performance space serves as a container for visually striking and physically charged behavioral worlds with their own internal logic and movement language, inviting multiple readings, associations and resonant experience.

Another definition of IMAGO reads: 'an idealized mental image of another person or the self'.


IMAGOmoves seeks to connect with audiences across a diverse demographic, by embracing the potential that different sites and spaces suggest, in community locations, urban sites, city centers, gallery spaces as well as more conventional performance spaces.

Artistic director Yolande Snaith has been a potent and consistently inventive force in the field of dance for 30 years. Her work has a delicious eccentricity; sumptuous moving paintings punctuated by unpredictable moments and visual surprises. The works resonate with a broad pallet of references, drawing on history, music, visual arts, and human experience. With IMAGOmoves, Snaith brings together an ensemble of performers, composers and designers in a highly collaborative dance theatre process, artfully shaping material to create work that is acutely observed, detailed, thought provoking and deeply engaging.


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the mapping games (part 1)

Created with Sandvox

Garden of Deadly Sound

One Hundred Feet highlights


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